I2C may at first sound like the name of a newly discovered star. But, I2C is actually the name of a very simple, yet powerful, communications protocol.

I2C, or “i-squared c,” enables serial transmission, a form of data transmission where data is sent sequentially. …

Recently, I have been researching image segmentation. I find it fascinating that a machine can, to some degree, mimic the ability of humans to divide a scene into different parts.

Kruskal’s MST (Minimum Spanning Tree) is a second cousin to the image segmentation problem, as it is the foundation for…

Have you ever used the following three lines of code, or some variation of them, in your ML scripts and had no clue what their purpose was?

Infamous three lines of code

If so, this article should aid in clearing up and simplifying the truth behind these three tremendously important lines of code.

Before I…

WiFi. Ethernet. These two terms are thrown around loosely, especially when discussing streaming and gaming. But, what truly are these mystical technologies, and how do they work?

Usually, when an acquaintance of mine visits my house for the first time, the question “What’s the WiFi?” is the first one they…

Rathik Murtinty

High school student interested in computer networking and security, among other topics in computer science. Also loves playing guitar. Email: rmur3211@gmail.com

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